The insurance company, which was called Torchmark before 2019, continues its activities as Globe Life Insurance today. This company is located close to Dallas. Also, Globe Life offers insurance products through subsidiaries such as Liberty National Life, American Income Life, United American, and Family Heritage Life.

You can purchase whole life insurance, term life insurance, and children’s life insurance from Globe Life Insurance. Interestingly, one of the important features of this insurance company is that it charges a fee of $ 1 for the first month of insurance coverage. However, after the first month, the cost increases quickly.

After this short introduction, let’s take a closer look at Globe Life now. Here is the Globe Life Insurance review.

Globe Life Insurance Review

Globe Life offers its policies directly to individuals instead of agencies. The life insurance products of this insurance company generally have low coverage compared to other insurance companies. Amounts of coverage may vary in some states. They provide coverage up to $50,000 of whole life insurance for adults, $100,000 of term life insurance, and $30,000 of whole life for children.

One of the important advantages of Globe Life Insurance is that you can purchase policies without a medical exam. You just need to answer some medical questions to qualify. Although Globe Life application processes are relatively easy, this does not mean that your application will be 100% approved.

If you can’t get a life insurance policy due to your medical examination results, Globe Life Insurance policies may be a way to get some level of coverage for you. For healthy individuals, costs may be higher than standard life insurances. Because the costs are generally determined by your health status in other insurance companies. Therefore, Globe Life may not be one of the first choices for citizens with good health.

Insurer often provides lower prices for the first month. The amount of increase in dues depends on the age of the insured person. Whole life policies cost the same amount every month for the life of the policy, while term policies increase in cost every five years.

Globe Life Insurance Consumer Complaints

There is an expected number of complaints about Globe Life Insurance Company according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

More Information About Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life also provides except life insurance:

  • Medicare supplement plans.
  • Accidental death insurance.
  • Supplemental health insurance.
  • Mortgage protection insurance.

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